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Aliens is the second chapter in season 2. This chapter is about a Alien invasion. One of the ailen leaders of The Triangles is commanding the attack. Our main heroes are Duke, Ashley, Orlando, Echo team, and our Pilots.

In Ailens, the Pilots were having a little get together to celebrate their reunion until they see some weird thing flying by fast in the sky and crash lands some where. Powerman got curious so he took a ship there with Creeper, Frontline, and Mr. Nuts. When they got there there was a strange looking alien there and it said something "listen here you nasty looking creatures, I am the great Kantus, leader of the Triangles, and founder of the great TriWing, now if you want to live, show me where your leader is, and I will kill him and make you my slave.", Mr. Nuts didn't take that friendly so he went up to him and yelled "hell no", Kantus got hot headed and took out his alienish looking triangle weapon and just shot of Mr. Nuts nuts.

That was the last transmission that came from Creeper's camcorder that was on his helmet. So Echo team and Duke, Ashley, and Orlando went to investagate that area but found something that was much worst.

The Aliens have captured Creeper and some other people, the alien infantry are now heading to the east tower to capture the secret weapon so they can use it as a beacon to get reinforcements.

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Who's Dead-

  • Creeper- alive
  • Mr. Nuts- KIA
  • Kantus- alive
  • Alien Captain- alive
  • Alien Commander- alive
  • Alien Cyborg- KIA
  • Orange- alive
  • Purple- alive
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