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Bank Robbers is the forth chapter in Season 2. This chapter is about a group of guys working together to rob a bank but their plan goes terribly wrong when one of the guys gets injured by one of the cops. Our Main characters are Cooler, Arianna, S.S, Claire, James, X-killer, Rex, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, SIxen, Rogue, Steel, QuickSilver, and X-Calilbre.

Eariler before the Bank Robbers do there robbing Cooler, Arianna, S.S, James, and Claire meets one of Cooler's old friends name X-Killer. X-killer tells Cooler and the others about Sixen and Rogue's plan. X-killer, Rex, Arianna, and Claire gets in the get away train waiting to ambush Sixen and the others.

In Bank Robbers Sixen and Rogue is making another plan but this time they are robbing a bank, they are planning to use the money to get in to The Brawl. They are getting helped by Steel, QuickSIlver, S.S, and X-Calilbre. S.S is working undercover to get close to X-Calilbre so he can arrest him. They get to the Bank in a van but their main escape vehicle is a train.

Then Batman, Robin, and Batgirl shows up and try to arrest Sixen, Rogue but they failed but luckily they managed to capture X-Calilbre and they he tells them why they robbed the bank.

Who Died- Nobody important