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The mission starts off with Soap and Yuri waiting for Makarov's convoy so they can assassinate him. Price and Bones also have their own plans (ambushing Makarov inside the building). After they kill the guards on the balcony, they suddenly see Bones strapped on a seat with C4. Makarov then speaks on the radio saying "Price, Hell awaits you", and detonates the explosives strapped to Bones, killing him and nearly taking Price with him.

After watching Price and Bones in the building across the street, Makarov tells Yuri that he should have never come here. When the explosives that were hidden on the building where Soap and Yuri were situated detonate, Soap pushes Yuri out of a window right before the building explodes (Soap manages to jump, but gets caught by the

blast radius) and Yuri and Soap fall down onto the ground. Soap is hit by a pile of falling debris (opening up his stab wound), which mortally wounds him. Price then comes to help Yuri and Soap. They then take Soap to a safehouse, and attempt to stabilize him, but his injuries are too severe. Soap tells Price that Makarov knows Yuri, and with that he dies. After Soap's death, Price pulls out his M1911, (The pistol Price had slid to Soap to kill Zakhaev, and later given back to Price after he was rescued from the Russian gulag ), and lays it on Soap's chest saying "I'm sorry".

Angered by his friend's death, Price punches Yuri down a flight of stairs, which prompts a series of flashbacks.