Dungeon and Dragons Character Classes

Series 1

The Knight

  • Can absorb most hits from low leveled enemys.

The Pirate

The Fire Druid

The Archer

The Ninja

The Barbarian

The Necromancer

The Paladin

The Samuari

The Wizard

The Monk

The Rogue

Series 2

The Assassin

The Commando

The Shape Shifter

Series 3

This is where the players choose their characters to play the game.

Game 1

  • Jarred- Archer-
  • Christian- Barbarian-
  • Talia- Druid-
  • Daniela- Paladin-
  • Steve- Pirate-
  • Orlando- Knight-
  • Karen- Samuari-
  • Gaby- Rogue-
  • Ricardo- Monk-
  • Ellie- Ninja-
  • Boss- Wizard-
  • Master Boss- Necromancer-
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