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Florencia is a pirate on Timber's ship. Florencia's nick name is Flo. She hates getting called her full name because it brings back her horrors before she joined the Timber's crew.

Florencia was once a peaceful, calm, nice girl in Paris until her mom died. Her dad is now taking care of her and her brother Josh. Her dad Malcolm was agressively beating her and she got red marks through out her body. Her brother Josh got some red marks too. Josh ran away from his family to start a new life. Florencia had no choice but to loose her self-esteem from all those beatings from Malcolm.

One day when Malcolm was picking up Florencia from school her friend Nikki notice a black and blue bruise on her left arm. Nikk quickly and quietly called Christina to call the police so they can arrest Malcolm. When Florencia came home with malcolm the door bell rang and Malcolm went to answer it and the police brakes open the door and 1 of them named Jack pushed Malcolm on the floor and put hand cuffs on him. Florencia was shocked and at the same time happy that her dad got arrested.

The next day she had to pack up her stuff and go to a foster home. Tom saw the news and he saw Malcolm getting arrested on TV and heard that his daughter Florencia was getting put in a foster home. He went there and took Florencia home and told her that him and a couple of people he knows are going on a adventure to discover islands close to Jar Beachers and wanted her to come.

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