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The level starts with Frost aboard a helicopter, heading towards Hamburg. After landing, Frost along with the rest of Delta Force and a tank force have to make their way up the beach and along various streets, battling Russian forces at the same time.

Soon the U.S forces reach a parking lot, where a gunner on an American tank is killed by an enemy sniper. Frost has to then replace the gunner in his role, using the Minigun to defend the tank as it drives through the parking lot. However, when two tanks try to ascend via a ramp in the parking lot, the ramp collapses, sending Frost's tank crashing down. While the tank is ruined, everyone inside the tank is uninjured, and continue to fight until they reach where the vice President is being held hostage, and rescue him.

This mission has: Frost, Sandman, Dust, Yankee, and Pvt.Boyd.

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