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Jarred The Creator of Paper wars but no one else knows that yet. So its a secret.

Jarred has 1 brother named Austin and 2 cousin's named Juilen and Juliet. Jarred's parents are Pierre and Luisa.

Jarred made some clones of himself to be apart of missions that he can't go to.

Jarred 1

Jarred 2

Jarred 3

Jarred 4

Jarred 5

Jarred 6

Jarred and Tiffany are boyfriend and girlfriend. They were in the tournament Dance Dance together. Lauren and Kiersten hates Tiffany, so they are planning to get rid of her.

Jarred was rescued at 7/7/12 by Mars.

Tiffany lied to Kimberly that she wasn't their daughter. Kimberly got upset and ran away. Jarred got mad and is planning to brake up with her

Jarred and Tiffany broke up. Kimberly is no longer Jarred's daughter because of a DNA test. Her mother is Frost and her father is dead.

Jarred is now with Corinna.

Jarred is now in Time Troopers with XD and Scarlett.