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The 7 seas take place in the ocean near Jar Beachers. In this operation its all about finding Cooler, Orlando, Ashley, and Steve. Victor Team which is Jarred 2, Mason, Madison, Wayne, Gaby, Hunter, Samuel, and Genesis are going to search for them but their gonna need some help to find a ship, a sailor, and a map to get there. Some how they find Jarred and Kimberly in Jar Beachers and they also find out that the island is heavy fortified with turrents and rocket batterys. Genesis finds out that her mom Sapphire is located there and Kimberly also finds out that she is really adopted.

A terrible new villian name Darth Death has came to the world of paper along with his 2 main men Agent November and Inquisitor Shalow. Death has agreed with Cedrax too help train and manged his army. Cedrax is planning to have a little "Get together", at Jar Beachers so he can buy the prisoners and servants from the bounty hunters.

A New Jedi has arrived name Jedi master Mondas along with 2 other jedi's named Mars a jedi warrior and Violet a jedi padawan. A new trooper has just been promoted to captain and his name is Fenix and a smuggler has also arrived and his name is Space. Mondas had a meeting with all the paper heroes at some area and they were talking about how they are gonna rescue the prisoners and go to the "Get together", that Cedraz is planning. They have to split up into 5 groups. First group will be protecting the main paper base and they are Mondas, Wallcroft, Johnny, Meryl, Jack, Duke, Jake, Col.Falcon, Jessica, Col. Woods, and Snake Eyes. Second group will be providing intel and news from the sky or space and they are Anders, Anya, Col. Fran, Chris, and his team. Third group will be attacking Death's army and they are Celina and The Kitty's, Fidel Castro and his army, Nomad, Astec, Captain Fenix, Cmdr. Cody and his army, Sgt. Cody and some of his space marines, and Red Leader. Fourth group will provide back up for the last group and they are Price, Ace, Zero, The ODST's, SWAT team, and Newcastle. The final group which is group 5 will be going in the "Get together", to spy and they are Grace, Larry, Jason, Forge, Roadblock, Shepard, Crimson, Mars, Violet, and a extra Captain.

It seems like group 5 got captured and some of group 4 and 3 members are trying to rescue them but all the time they try to go on top of Darth's ship, they always get knock off.

The Groups that are finish with their part in this operation are:

  • Group 1- done
  • Group 2- done
  • Group 3- done
  • Group 4- done
  • Group 5- done