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ShadowRun Returns[]

ShadowRun Returns is basically a tactical role-playing game. It is also very awesome, there is a bunch and i mean a BUNCH of custom content from people around the world, mostly in Merica. 

List of Shadow Runners[]

List of Lonestar Police[]

  • Macklusky-
  • Loner-
  • Cpt.-
  • Sgt.-
  • Cpl.-
  • Dutchgirl2000-
  • Halo Master-
  • Legohood-
  • Jarred Smith-
  • Wulf-
  • Clover-
  • Cyrus-

List of other characters[]


  • Donny-

The Knights[]


Mission Log[]

Mission 1- Operation Break In

Mission 2- Operaion Shock & Awe

Mission 3- Down & Out

Mission 4- The Dead mans switch

Mission 5-

Mission 6-

Mission 7-