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Spectors are highly trained soldiers with excellent combat skills. There members are really great.

The Spectors are going on a mission along with Echo team, Charile team, and P.M.C to find out what happened to Dino Squad and to kill some demons that are in an old base.

During the mission Scanner died by a demon that can infect people with a remote control tool. When the tool hits you, it stays on you and it fuse with your blood. The tool manage to make its way past the Scanner's armor and shields.

The Spectors, The Kitty's , MegaFox , Cooler , Kane, Zero , Genesis , Sapphire , Echo team, and 3 Pilots all went inside of Voltex to search and destroy 6 of Voltex powers. They came across some booby traps that were inside of Voltex. Jariel and Sidewinder died during the booby traps. Then they came across 6 demons that were in the Brain of Voltex. The Kitty's killed 2 of the demons, The Spectors killed 2 of the demons, Echo team and Kane took out the other 2. The demon king showed up and Cooler, Sapphire, and MegaFox had to kill him. They succeeded but the demon came back to life and turned a part of himself to a bomb. Sapphire had to stay behind while Celina and Genesis teleports they rest of the heroes out of Voltex's brain. Sapphire killed the demon for sure and teleported out of there using her suit.

During the mission Clover , Tundra, MegaFox A . and Zero got vomited out from the throat when they were in Voltex.